I have been touring the country for over 10 years, playing for crowds from one to ten-thousand. There were coffee shop tours over the years where I wouldn’t get in front of a total of one-hundred people the whole month. The reason it’s important for you to know this fact is that I want you to know I would never take back the highest highs or the lowest lows. They have made me who I am; a person who appreciates when even one person is willing to sit down and listen to things that I have to say and sing. 

It’s cliche to say, “The journey’s its own reward,” but it absolutely is. I make music for people. Not crowds. Not markets. Not demographics. Not Program Directors. PEOPLE. It’s because I love them, and genuinely believe in the power of connection through music. With that being said…where is a better place to tell stories and connect than someone’s home?

I learned a long time ago that the creation and performance of music is not about me. I’ve also learned it’s not about the audience. The conclusion is that it’s about the experience that everyone in the room shares. We can all feel like the best version of ourselves, and make something beautiful together in a moment. What do you think? Let’s make a moment together.

Find out more info on booking a Fanswell show here.

This little cutie gave me a whole box of cosmic brownies to share with the band last night, and we played her favorite, “the river song”, for her.

What an incredible night. Truly the high point in my career so far and a testament to strength of the support of a wonderful community. Thanks for giving me a home to be proud of.

Thanks to my friends Dawn & Hawkes for the photo and singing harmonies with me last night on Life’s a Long Time to Waste.

Excited to announce I’ll be joining K2M3 at House of Blues on July 17th with Andy Grammer!  Get your tickets here!


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